"Training is the key to a successful K-9 owner relationship. A trained dog makes a great family pet. A well trained working dog makes a great K-9 Partner!"

Jackie Buccafurno - I am a retired Senior Lieutenant Deputy Sheriff/K-9 handler from a Local Sheriff's Office and former member of the National Narcotics Detector Dogs Association. I have had a successful Law Enforcement Career that has spanned 3 decades. I have trained dogs, for 40 years in every aspect of K-9 training available. From basic obedience to Patrol K-9s, Narcotics Search detection K-9s to agility and Search and Rescue.

I am the founder of the Twin Pines Training Academy located in East Texas. The school is geared towards the proper training of new owners and previous owners in teaching puppy, young adult and adult basic obedience as well as behavioral issues. I also teach Search and Rescue teams to become proficient in the areas of rural search techniques since we are based in East Texas a Rural Area of Texas.

For obedience and companion pets we train all types of puppies and dogs. Here at TPTA we stress training and will assist you with any training needs you may have for your companion, from housebreaking to healing on leash. The basic obedience class will teach you how to positively motivate your pup and not positively motivate negative behavior which is one of the biggest mistakes I see in dog training. We will assist with identifying and correcting negative behavior such as: barking, jumping, dominance, diggin ect. You can contact us at anytime for an evaluation and interview.

For schedules of class availability, both group and private, contact me. Puppies are started anytime after 8 weeks of age. All positive motivation techniques are used making the training fun and enjoyable for both you and your new family member! You are also encouraged to attend a pre-ownership seminar to prepare you for your new pet. Thank you for considering Twin Pine's K-9 Training Academy.