Twin Pines K-9 Training Academy Search and Rescue Teams


Emmy tracking
at 4 months old!

Twin Pines Training Academy presents our Search & Rescue Team. The Team consists of Law Enforcement Officers, past and present Sheriff's Posse members and volunteers. Our Team is an all volunteer team specializing in the search of lost children or adults as well as "The Bad Guy." Our Team does include mantrailers and are available to any Agency or citizen in need of a tracking dog.

Our members and K-9s track weekly to retain a constant high proficiency level. We work mostly in the country since our training academy is a country based site.

Feel free to call for any assistance with your training or tracking needs. 469-236-9574

Click here to read about the team in the Van Zandt News, Sunday, November 27, 2005.

Jackie Buccafurno and Justice: Master K-9 Instructor and handler, former Senior Lieutenant Deputy Sheriff and K-9 handler.  Founder of Twin Pine's Training Academy for K-9s and Search 4 K-9 Rescue Team.

Jazz Daniels and Major:
K-9 Handler and Back Handler

Doug Daniels: Master K-9 Search and Rescue Instructor.

Aaron Buccafurno and
K-9 Twin Pine's Bella. 
Obedience Jr Instructor,
K-9 handler and Back handler.

Michael Cooper and K-9 Moose.
Michael is a Fireman, reserve Marine,
K-9 handler and backhandler.

Landon Jacks and Bosque:
K-9 Handler and Back Handler.

Kaylon Staats and Bosque:
K-9 Instructor

Doug Daniels

Kaylon, Landon and Bosque.

Wyatt LaFleur and Max:
Jr. K-9 Instructor. 

Cindy and Sable
Cindy Daniels- K9 Instructor,
handler and back handler

LaQuint Frasier:
K-9 handler and Back handler.

Alicia Colon and Justice:
K-9 handler and Back handler.
Alicia is a Peace Officer in
the State of Texas.

Skylar Bolin and Lila:
K-9 handler and Back handler

Sharron Washington Hammond:
K-9 Instructor,
handler and back handler.

Bryson Frasier and Prince:
K-9 handler and Back handler.  

Joe and Pebbles

Jackie and Nero

Aaron Buccafurno:
Obedience Jr Instructor,
K-9 handler and Back handler.

Fasco - full service Patrol K-9
from 2001 through 2009.

Zues - Full service Patrol Dog

Job Well Done! Taking a Break.