Twin Pine's K-9s

Search and Rescue, Patrol and Service Dogs

"Starting early with training is so very important for both people and pups!"
Aaron Buccafurno and pups.

 "They will do anything for you. They will love you unconditionally, save a life by searching thru the night. They will do anything to please you... Remember to love them first, put your heart and soul into their training and care. Always use patience and love when training. Become a team. An occasional kiss makes it all worth it! Love these beautiful brilliant babies!"


Awarded National Police
Hall Of Fame Award for finding missing
Alzheimer's patient after 4.5 mile track.
Congratulations to this great team!!!

Jackie and Bam Bam Tracking

Fasco apprehends Bad Guy

Bad guy runs!

Morgan Rae and K.C. Therapy, CGC
and Rally Novice. Great Temperament!

Zues secures Pat Down

Fasco - 60lb Seizure

Jackie and Zues

Robin searches for drugs

Cindy and Sable Tracking

205 lbs Marijuana Seizure


A tracking dog!


Cindy and Sable
Make the find (foot hanging)

Cindy and Sable Tracking

Doug and Molly B


Doug and Molly B


Jackie and Nero


Jackie and Bam Bam


Joe and Nero

Molly B Makes the Find

Jessica and Eltee

Quincy - 9 weeks old

Molly B.

Tracie - Mother of Molly B

Cindy and her new
upcoming tracking dog, Sarg

60 pounds

Fasco and the 60 pounds of
marijuana that he
got on the Interstate 2007

Fasco with 4 Kilos of Cocaine 
April 2006

27 Pounds

Fasco with 4 Kilos of Cocain
April 2006

In Memory of Oso

In Loving Memory, "Emmy"